If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • Salvador Dali -The famous Surrealist painter. Other than being a painter, he was a writer- Three non-fiction books and a novel “Hidden Faces”, he had produced performance arts, he designed furnitures-Sofa of Mae West’s lips was a design classic – as a filmmaker, he created Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’Or, he designed intricate jewellery, designed buildings as an architect – house in Port Lligat, Teatro Museo in Figueres, he designed theatre sets, clothes, textiles, perfume bottles, packaging, logos. He believed that although everyone is born with incredible imagination, intuition and intelligence, we were trained to limit our abilities and not to use our skills. Salvador Dali had his failures, but enough worked for him to get a name. It is important to keep working, having fun and limiting the rules which affect our freedom of thoughts.

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • French Designer Coco Chanel – The luxury women’s wear at that time forced women to be uncomfortable to look fashionable. She felt that ‘Luxury should be comfortable to wear’ – She was heavily attacked by the fashion press, but she kept moving. People laughed at the way she dressed – She was looking different from anybody else. She made the most of her uniqueness, originality. Be Original.

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • Actor Robert De Niro – After so many audition failures, he realized that it was no good waiting for people to give him an opportunity. When he read a book “raging Bull”, he felt that the book could be turned into a film. He practiced acting as the lead hero of that story. He carried the book wherever possible, showed it to people and enacted scenes from the book. After weeks of persuasion, he got a producer and then director Martin Scorsese came on board – Raging Bull became one of the most critically acclaimed films, De Niro won the Academy award for Best Actor. Don’t be at the mercy of others. Be proactive, look around, learn new knowledge and generate the opportunities. 

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • Beatles – They were not an overnight sensation. They had been playing together for so many years – seven days a week, till 2 Am in the morning- worked so hard to attract the audience – They were addicted to practising – When every other band was playing classic songs, practising to sound like originals -Beatles were experimenting, improvising and making their own standards. They were practicing to become more like Beatles and less like everyone else. They worked harder and harder, improved every day a little bit – an imaginative improvement. Practice, Work hard, Be Imaginative, Be slightly better than yesterday, Practise, Compare yesterday’s yourself, practice.

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • Paulo Coelho – He wanted to become a writer, but his parents were against this, wanted him to be a lawyer and thought he was turning mad. He was held thrice in mental institutions. He was subjected to electric shock treatments. He never compromised. He went on to become a world-renowned author through “The Alchemist”. If you believe in yourself, do not compromise and live up to your expectations. Every one of us will face pressure from our family, friends, employers, employees and the society. Those who compromises never grow big. We may fail, but we would be happy that we tried and did our best.

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • Georgia O’Keeffe, Famous American artist, called “Mother of American Modernism” – She was famous for her paintings of large flowers, New York Skyscrapers, New Mexico Landscapes. She started to gain attention only at the age of fifty and her fame grew gradually in her sixties and seventies. He most important exhibition came when she was in her eighties. She was younger in mind, enthusiasm never reduced. With age, we experience more, mature more, gain more insights, grasp deeper knowledge, have diverse perceptions – Do not worry about the delay in success, or worry about getting aged. Every day, we are learning something new, experiencing something new – They all are going to help us in future. Keep working, Practising, Innovating.

If you are struggling with loss of confidence in yourself, remember

  • James Dyson-Inventor and manufacturer of the first bagless vacuum cleaner. He worked for 5 years, made around 5000 prototypes, tested them and finally produced a successful model. When he showed it to other manufacturers, none of them was ready to manufacture and discouraged him further from going ahead with the idea. With the lack of funds, Dyson was stuck. Eventually, he sold his idea to a manufacturer in japan and it became a commercial success. After a couple of years, he opened a manufacturing plant in Britain and his brand soon became a leading brand. It is easier to get frustrated, feel angry, disappointed and fall into a negativity trap when things did not go as expected. It may be hard but we need to learn to put everything aside, adopt a positive attitude and focus on everyday tasks to achieve the result.

References: Content based on Rod Judkins “The Art of Creative Thinking”

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