“Disrupting an industry is not possible by focusing on incremental innovation or just getting more people to buy, but instead by providing deep, meaningful engagement to the people who use your products or services”

If your product is similar to competitor, and there is marginal difference in market share, finding it difficult to sell your product, then you need “Disruptive Innovation”. Disruptive innovation look at new marketplaces (Uncontested), new non-customers and look at root of the user’s need.

Through Disruptive Design, even a smaller company with fewer resources can unseat an established company from the market. Based on the type of disruptive design(Based on the market, target segment, resource, process and values), strategies would differ.

“If you have new idea which is disruptive in nature, if it not designed properly with context in mind, then the product might fail in the market. Example- If your new disruptive idea need user’s change of behavior, then the product needs to have those elements(Less complexity, trial-ability, Convenience, Reward, Re-invent etc…) to  trigger the user to buy, motivate the user to use the product. “

For disruptive idea/product to succeed in market, along with designing for user,  we need to look at the sourcing channels, context in mind, jobs users trying to achieve, communications channels and social system.


Once users feel “VOW” about your product, get wonderful emotional connect, feel like sharing their experience with others then diffusion of innovation happens from Innovators to early adopters to early majority to late majority, thereby you can save money in marketing, promotion etc..


Through user research and design, we can help you in diffusion of your product idea from one user to other users through personnel network. Research and Design will help you in solving issues related to Initial knowledge of product to user, help in persuasion to use the product, help in solving difficulties in decision making stages of user, support in implementation and usage of product by the user.

Design for HABIT FORMING/Behavior changing products:

“Habits are Automated behavior triggered by situational cues, things we do with little or no conscious thought.We can help you to build a product that needs a user to change their behavior and covert into a habit, for a better well-being of user and better experience”

We start with understanding of existing behavior(which needs to be changed), its context, user’s various other relevant parameters, discover the right behaviors to  be incorporated, apply lessons from psychology and behavioral economics, then design the product and design a strategy to guide the user step by step to adapt to new behavior.

Companies that form strong user habits enjoy several benefits

  • No expensive marketing, if we connect the product to daily routines & emotions
  • No ads, promotions needed to ask user to use the product, saving huge marketing spends
  • High customer life time value
  • It’s tough for any competitor to take away your customer as breaking a habit is not easy
  • Customers are less sensitive to price rise
  • Customers act as Brand Evangelists
  • Addition of new users/customers at a very low cost