“Transforming your product/service into a remarkable one in existing overcrowded consumer market will help you to become a leader in your market by huge margin and need not fight for survival anymore”

“User Research” is the first step to help you to bring that transformation to your product.Deep research with real people generate meaningful insights into human behavior and these insights hold the keys to innovation,help clients/designers to easily measure power of design, make informed communication choices, effectiveness of finished projects, tell a story about the product concept, define the way problems are solved and illustrate the value of solutions and help in developing products people love over & over again.

“what do people need?” is a critical question to ask in the beginning to avoid wasting investor’s money, risking personal reputation, spoiling the trust of employees, partners, wasting amount of time spent on building the product.

“What we think a user needs/wants, is not the same as what a user thinks they need/ want. Without research we make decisions for ourselves instead of for our target audience”

There is a difference between market research and user research (Behavior Research)

“If your product looks very much like every other product in your market segment, then the design is based only on user research than market research”

“More than 60% of participants said they were “likely” or “very likely” to buy a kitchen appliance in the next 3 months. 8 months later, only 12% had” (How Customers Think, Gerald Zaltman, 2003)

Our Research Strategy Our Research Tactic
Ethnographic Research Photo ethnography
Visual anthropology
Observational research
Literature review
Surveys & Questionnaires
Focus groups
Home tours
Research by EMPATHY Deep research with real people in natural environments
Marketing Research Demographics
Focus groups etc..

We have Tailored Research based on your needs.